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Let’s face it, cables aren’t the first bit of gear you want to splash some cash on but it would be worth having a think about how much cabling your signal has to travel through in your chain. At a quick count, my rig uses 70 feet of normal cabling (from guitar to pedal board, to amp switcher, to amps, out the back of amps to post amp pedals and then back to amps – more on all this in future posts) and around five feet of patch cabling between pedals. Cabling creates resistance to your signal and can ‘dull’ the tone. I remember updating my cables last year and I couldn’t believe the difference, it’s money well spent.

On my budget, I’ve settled for Planet Waves for the longer cables and a mix of Planet Waves and George L’s for the patch cables. The great thing about GL’s is that you can buy a kit and make your own cables, exactly to the length you need. However, I took the lazy option and telephoned a custom order, which was made and posted to me within a few days. In summary, if you want crystal clear sound, you can’t afford bad quality when it comes to cabling!

Next post I’ll get to the pedal board, starting with the ‘before amp’ pedals.

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