Buying a New Guitar?

Buying a New Guitar?

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What is a “good” guitar? How should I know which guitar to buy?

In my opinion a good guitar should be comfortable, easy to play, stay in tune, have good intonation and most importantly the student should enjoy the sound of their guitar.

On an average week I teach 80-100 students in group and one to one tuition. Some with average guitars, some with great guitars but unfortunately some students have poor quality guitars!

This is a great shame for them especially when they have enough musical intelligence to question why their guitar doesn’t sound right.

They may be practising daily but something still isn’t quite right, and some of them believe it is their technique. A bad guitar can have such a negative impact on a beginner student. It may even lead to them stopping their lessons or even starting to learn another instrument!

So how can one go about selecting a quality instrument at a reasonable price?

The first thing I could recomend is for the budding guitarist and his/her parents to go to a reputable music shop (Don’t buy second hand. Especially if you are new to the guitar world and this is your first instrument).

Buy a well-known make of guitar. For example Fender Squier Stratocastors and Yamaha Pacificas are good quality and very affordable solid body electric guitars. But there are many other great beginner guitars out their. But remember, the most well known makes are well known because of the quality of their guitars and customer service etc.

Take a guitarist friend or your tutor to the shop with you to try the guitar (if they have time they should gladly help you with this). Ask them to check the action, intonation and playability of the guitar.

Have fun!!!

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